Wooden Fenestration


Certified fenestration with up to 85% subsidy from “Εξοικονομώ - Αυτονομώ”

Certified wooden fenestration is the right choice in energy saving, since it saves more energy in a house than fenestration made of other materials, and they participate in “Εξοικονομώ – Αυτονομώ” with a subsidy of up to 85%.

Still, they save because of their long life span, with a little maintenance. For example, timber frames have about twice the lifespan of uPVC, but they don’t cost twice as much.

Wooden fenestration seems to excel timelessly

Certified wooden fenestration contributes positively to the protection of the environment since the carbon dioxide is captured during the production of the wood, with the raw material coming from forests managed according to the principle of sustainability.

In addition, tit has the highest thermal insulation performance and do not require thermal insulation systems, since the wood itself is the most insulating material, while ensuring high sound insulation performance.

In terms of certification, they are CE certified, which ensures the safety and hygiene of consumers, without requiring special care since they are produced with modern methods.

Key benefits of wooden fenestration

  • Top thermal insulation properties
  • Excellent sound insulation properties
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High aesthetic and timeless value due to its design
  • More “warm” material


The certified wooden frames are the most correct choice in energy saving, since they save 8%-10% energy in a house compared to other frames, but also according to the requirements of the "Exoikonomo - Autonomo" government initiative.