The Association

An association for sustainable and ecological entrepreneurship

The Panhellenic Association of Wooden Fenestration is an official body that informs and represents the numerous manufacturers of wooden fenestration based in Greece and informs the public about the use and benefits of wooden fenestration in new and existing buildings.

The main purpose of the Association is to inform consumers and professionals in the field, such as architects, engineering contractors, etc., about the advantages of wooden fenestration , which is one of the best construction materials.

In addition, it supports its members through its programmes and services, which aim to strengthen the competitive position of their products, increase their use and help achieve the environmental, social and economic goals of its members, with a view to sustainable development.

Furthermore, the Association creates a means of communication, study, support and development of businesses, which are active in the sector of wooden fenestration and woodworking. In the context of this purpose, it is the channel of communication of its members with the Greek State and Public Organizations of all kinds and to represent the sector in the respective international sectoral organizations.

In addition, it undertakes initiatives for a collective effort of its members, which will contribute to the quality upgrading of their products and their harmonization with European and international standards.

The Statutes of the Associationσσ

Download and read the statutes of the Panhellenic Association of Wooden Frames Manufacturers.